In the event of inclement weather please call Regent Park, look at the WLOS school closing and delays list or sign up for WLOS text alerts.

What type of curriculum do you use?

Regent Park uses Creative Curriculum in our classrooms, allowing for learning in all areas of development. Our teachers work to help children grow and develop social skills, emotional skills, gross motor, fine motor, language development and creative skills as well as problem solving skills and as they get older early literacy, math, and science.

What do you do when my child is ready to potty train?

When your child is potty training at home and showing signs of readiness at school, we will help with this transition by working closely with you to assure consistency between home and school.

Does your center provide care year-round or do you follow a school schedule with summers off?

Regent Park provides care year-round and we do not follow a school schedule, so we do not take summers off.

What do we need to bring on our child’s first day?

Infants – All breastmilk/formula/food that they need for that day along with a sleeve of diapers as well as a couple of changes of extra clothes to leave at Regent Park.

Toddlers – All food that your child would need for the day as well as a water cup, a sleeve of diapers (if applicable) and extra clothes to leave here at Regent Park.

Preschoolers – All food that your child would need for the day as well as water cup and extra clothes to leave here at Regent Park.

Do you provide food?

Regent Park does not provide food. Parents send the food that their child needs each day with their child’s name as well as the date on the packed food.

Can our child use cloth diapers?

Yes, your child can use cloth diapers at Regent Park. You must send enough diapers and covers each day along with a clean wet bag.

What is the best way to send breastmilk for my child to use during the day?

You can send breast milk in multiple ways. You can send it in a labeled and dated bottle (child’s name and date), you can send it in a bag, also labeled and dated along with a labeled and dated bottle for each feed, and you can send it frozen. Frozen milk needs to have the date pumped as well as the date to be served along with labeled and dated bottles for each feed.

Are there things I can do with my infant to prepare them for transitioning to childcare?

Yes, for breastfeeding mothers practicing with a bottle before sending them to Regent Park really helps with the transition and for both breastfeeding and formula feeding mothers letting your child have bottles with someone other than yourself can be a great prep-tool so that they are used to accepting a bottle from more than one person.

What do you do in the event of inclement weather?

We work to make a decision that puts the safety of all of our families and our staff first when making a call to close or open late in the event of inclement weather. Families can find out about closings or delays by calling and connecting to our weather hotline, by watching or checking the WLOS website or by signing up to receive WLOS text alerts.

We will also use the notice bar at the top of every page of our website for important notices.

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