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We arrived at our schedule of tuition and fees after a great deal of thought. It is always a delicate balance to keep childcare affordable for parents while providing reasonably generous compensation and benefits for a professional, dedicated staff.  Teacher turnover is one of childcare's biggest challenges, yet consistency of care and retention of excellent caregivers is the most important component of a positive experience for your child.

Beyond compensation, we place high value on staff morale.  Our investment in a beautiful, spacious , immaculate facility enhances not only .your child's quality of life, but impacts on the health and  well-being of his or her teacher. We want our staff to have a workplace in which they can take pride.


These rates are effective June 1, 2017.

Registration fee for ALL AGES:  $75    
Yearly re-enrollment fee for ALL AGES:  $50    
Full-time care is defined as 4 or 5 days per week   $245/week
Part-time care:    2 options      3 days per week   $225/week
                                            2 days per week   $200/week
Full time care is defined as 4 or 5 days per week   $220/week
Part time care:    2 options     3 days per week   $200/week
                                                   2 days per week   $175/week


Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition is due at the end of each week.  We accept cash and checks. We can, if supplied with a voided check, set up a direct withdrawal from your checking account.   If a check is returned from the bank for any reason, we will, as a rule, redeposit the check.  We will charge a fee equal to the service fee charged by our bank.  Generally, we do not print receipts for weekly tuition payments.  However, if you would like to get a receipt either weekly or monthly, notify the office.  We do print yearly statements of childcare payments made.

Tuition Policy

Upon enrollment, you are asked to commit to a schedule.  In the event your child, for whatever reason, illness or travel, is absent, payment is expected based on this pre-determined schedule.  If, by prior approval of the directors, your child is allowed to attend at a time when he/she is not normally in attendance, the payment will be at the agreed upon rate for the agreed upon time.  We will work with you in any way to provide convenience and economy, but we must ask that if you are scheduled for three days/week (to use that time frame as an example) you pay for three days/week, even if your actual hours for any given week fall short of that figure.  There will be NO reduction to tuition based on actual attendance.





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