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Spring, 2017

Dear Parents,

In the thirteen years since Regent Park opened, we've been privileged to care for and love a great many children and their families.  Beautiful newborns have grown into lovable toddlers; who have grown into inquisitive, independent, and yes, defiant two and three year olds.  We watch the growth in awe of the power of time as it marches along and with gratitude that we've been allowed to be a part of your baby and toddler's life.

Regent Park's original children are now in high school.  And just like their parents, we have trouble grasping the fact these teenagers that were in diapers and not yet walking are learning to drive and thinking about college.  Every year we watch with pride as our pre-schoolers graduate and move on to a pre-kindergarten program. And we anticipate each year a new class of infants and toddlers including many siblings of current and previous Regent Park children.


As always, if you have a question, need some advice or just want to share a funny story, feel free to stop in the office.

Marlene and Diana



Tamra, Nicketie and Marsha's Class

The baby room is full of siblings!  All but one of our babies have big sisters and brothers that we had the joy of taking care of!  It is fun to see the similarities and differences between them.  We are excited to have Spring in the air.  The babies love going outside and feeling the wind on their faces and seeing the birds fly over head.  Everyone is quickly moving from tiny babies that can't do a lot to older babies that rollover and play with toys.  Everyday brings something new!

Hope and Becca's Class

Spring is here!  We are so excited to finally have some warmer weather.  The babies are loving being able to go outside and explore.  They enjoy going on short walks around the building in the strollers and they love having time on the playground.  A few of them were unsure of the swings the first few times, but now they all are very entertained by it.  Please keep the weather in mind when dressing your child for school in the mornings.  It might be chilly for the morning commute, but it warms up quickly!  So please send your kid in weather appropriate clothing!  Layers are great for this time of year!


Malerie and Rebecca's Class


Welcome to our early ones room!  This is the year for our young learners to shine brightly in our classroom.  It will be a time of magical wonders and amazing growth for your little star.

In this classroom we are working on so much.  We are learning to drink out of sippy cups, take one nap and we are also exploring things around us.  We enjoy developing new friendships and our outdoor adventures as well as doing art.  We have amazing art projects planned as a group and one on one.  We are super excited for our upcoming bubble wrap art project!

As always we look forward to working with you and your child as we teach them to reach for the stars!

Huggie and Emily's Class

We are keeping Huggie and Emily very busy!  We are learning to run, jump and mastering new words daily.  We are excited to learn about spring and talk about the weather.  We are looking forward to some fun arts and crafts so that we are able to put flowers all around our classroom.  We are also enjoying the warm weather and get outside every chance we get!  We love the sunshine, running, climbing, swinging, and digging in the sandbox.  As it gets warmer please make sure I have weather appropriate clothing that fits me, since I'm growing so fast. :-)



Jess and Chelsea's Class

Spring is here!  Our class is so excited to be spending lots of time outside in the warm sunshine. We are going to be working on some springtime projects and we are looking forward to our annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 14th.  Feel free to join us for this fun activity and help your kids on the hunt.

This time of year our focus is on recognizing and naming our colors.  So hopefully, you will be hearing lots of "color talk" at home.  That gives you an opportunity to help reinforce what they are learning at school.  Just a reminder, please try to remember to layer your child's clothing, so we can adjust to the ever changing temperature throughout the day. 


Amy and Courtney's Class


Spring is here and for us that means exploring all the changes that will take place in our environment!  We will spend time learning about how things grow, and growing new plant life ourselves, as well as investigating the many bugs we encounter during this time.

As many of you are aware your children have been working very hard on their alphabets as as well as learning to spell their names.  The alphabet books that they have been working on will be heading home soon.

Spring also means that our annual Easter Egg Hunt is right around the corner.  We hope to see all of you there!







In addition to the teachers listed above as group leaders, Regent Park employs several wonderful, very capable floaters that spend time in all of the classrooms learning the children and routines.  Becky, who has been with us for three years, is a floater and closer.  She knows all the children and all the classroom routines.  Molly is our other floater and closer familiar with all the children.  She started with us last Fall after several years of experience at another center.


Spring is here!  Please remember to dress your child in layers and appropriate playground shoes.  Thanks!


In an effort to cut down on germs at Regent Park, please wash your child's hands immediately upon entering the classroom.






Friday, April 14th  Annual Easter Egg Hunt beginning at 10 am for

                                the youngest classes

                                10:30 am for the oldest classes

ALSO on April 14th, we are closing at NOON for cleaning.

Monday, April 17th  Closed for Easter Monday

Monday, May 29th  Closed for Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday,  July 4th   Closed for Fourth of July Holiday

Monday,  September 4th  Closed for Labor Day

We will also close one day in August (to be announced) for cleaning.


, Regent Park Early Childhood Development Center