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A Letter from the Directors


Dear Parents,

We are glad that you have included Regent Park in your search for childcare.

As concerned parents, we know that you have sought the advice of friends, family and professionals in making this important decision.  You have looked at star ratings, ratios, and other indicators of a facility's commitment to quality.

As you arrive at this point in your search, we urge you to spend time at several centers.  It is through the experience of visiting each program that you will find answers to your most important questions and know that you have ultimately made the right decision.

We recommend you visit during the "awake" hours that your child will be spending in a childcare setting, and if possible, drop in at different times during the day.  We encourage you to chat informally with our teachers.  If you find them engaged in activities that make it difficult for them to talk at that moment ask when it might be more convenient.

Bring your child and observe his or her comfort level with the surroundings, children, and teachers.

Above all, recognize that your impressions are important and follow your intuition!  Choosing the right fit for you and your child can often be a confounding process, with several centers seeming, at least on paper, to offer very similar programs.

We encourage you to visit other centers because we feel we offer something exceptional here at Regent Park, far beyond the  requirements that can be rated with assessment tools.  We pride ourselves on our veteran teachers, spacious child-centered building, and relaxed setting.

We welcome parents as an integral part of the program and seek to maintain open communication with you for your child's entire stay at Regent Park.

We invite you to come see for yourselves - our door is always open.



Marlene Breger-Joyce

Diana Sutton

, Regent Park Early Childhood Development Center